About us

In 2016, when financial institutions were preparing to implement long Mifid II questionnaires, it became clear that this process (often on paper) is cumbersome and irritating, not only for the client, but also for the relationship manager. This real business issue resulted directly in the development of the Harmoney platform. Operational since early 2018, more functionalities are added to service the full client due diligence and client lifecycle management from A to Z.

Our mission

We are dedicated to giving you peace of mind to allow you to focus on your business.
Client onboardings are absolutely vital to ensure a good start of a loyal client relationship. But regulation makes the client life cycle management time-consuming, costly and a cumbersome process and is often very irritating for the client. We solve the cumbersome, often paper process of client on-boarding, re-boarding and off-boarding for banks, insurers and financial intermediaries.

Meet our team

The Harmoney team is composed of domain experts with years of experience in digital banking and insurance and private banking and of high qualified developers and delivery managers. In other words, we can let technology solve the business problems.

Stijn Coppens

Lead engineer

Thomas Van Maele

Co-Founder / CEO

Wouter Haerick

Co-Founder / CTO

Steven Coppens

Lead delivery

Filip Verbeke

International business development manager


Software engineer


Software engineer


Software engineer


Software engineer


Software engineer




QA engineer


Software engineer


Product design


QA engineer


Software engineer

Meet our advisers, investors & board

Strongly supported by their enthusiasm and expertise.

Urbain Vandeurzen

Bert Vandeurzen

Stan De Schepper

Pieterjan Bouten

Jeroen Lemaire

Louis Jonckheere

Alex Van Overloop

Luc Aspeslagh

We’re hiring

Harmoney is built by passionate people, solving today’s compliance paperwork. Are you ready to join a great team and collaborate to build the platform that gives our clients peace of mind? Then come and join us.