Finologee and Harmoney launch ‘KYC Manager’ to redefine KYC processes in Luxembourg

Big news! In collaboration with the Luxembourg FinTech platform operator Finologee, we have launched KYC Manager, a strategic joint venture set to improve customers’ and back-office staff’s experiences through a compliant suite of hosted digital KYC software, that is fully aligned with Luxembourg’s regulatory requirements.

KYC header

With KYC Manager (, we bring a ready-to-use digital customer onboarding and lifecycle management solution to the Luxembourg market. The hosted solution will enable Luxembourg-regulated financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and reshape the way they manage their clients across the entire lifecycle and in full compliance with Luxembourg’s financial industry regulations.

“This partnership reveals how important the development of KYC management has become. Regulations are crucial for our clients and that is why we joined forces with Finologee.”
Thomas Van Maele CEO at Harmoney

KYC Manager is a modular platform that enables banks, insurance companies and other institutions subject to anti-money laundering obligations to optimise the management of their KYC-related processes, files and data sets.

By connecting systems, data and the three stakeholders of every KYC procedure (the end-customer, the front-office and the compliance department) on the same platform, KYC Manager helps firms to become truly customer and employee-centric. By bringing digital elements into KYC processes, from onboarding to KYC remediation and periodic reviews, financial institutions can become more agile and substantially reduce processing-time and costs, while maximising their operational efficiency across the board.

“We are thrilled to work closely with Harmoney to provide a pioneering digital client lifecycle solution optimised specifically to meet the growing needs of our Luxembourg financial industry clients.”
Raoul Mulheims CEO at Finologee

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