Partner in the picture

We present you our first partner in the picture: Graydon.
We use Graydon for our data checks.

We use their technologies for our data gathering and screening of UBO’s. The everlasting burden for every bank & insurance company are the AML-checks of the clients. Taken in account that the national regulators are getting stricter each day regarding money-laundering and terrorism financing. It’s very welcome to work with Graydon who is known for its accurate data.

The partnership with Graydon is very efficient! They are always ready for feedback and evolving into the next step of the process.

" At Graydon, we provide our partner Harmoney with crucial data and insights to further optimise the identification process within the broker world. After all, a faster identification leads to a more efficient approach, also with regard to AML regulations."
Peter Gazelle Managing Director

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