Internships experience Jimwell Fulgencio

Welcome to the insightful journey of Jimwell Fulgencio's internship experience at Harmoney! In this dedicated section, we delve into Jimwell's expectations, his encounters with valuable teachings, the skills he acquired, challenges he conquered, and his profound collaboration within the Harmoney team.

Expectations and Experience

1) What were your expectations before you started this internship, and did these expectations come true?

Before starting this internship, I had high expectations of gaining practical experience in my field of study, Software Programming, and learning how to apply the theoretical knowledge I had acquired at school in real-world scenarios.

I was also hoping to work in a collaborative and supportive environment and fortunately, these expectations came true, and I had a fulfilling internship experience.

2) What did you find most valuable about this internship experience, and why?

What I found most valuable about this internship experience was the human connection and the invaluable teachings I received from my colleagues.

Throughout the internship, I had the opportunity to work closely with a team of experienced professionals who were always willing to share their knowledge and expertise with me. They not only provided guidance on technical aspects but also oered insights into problem- solving, eective communication and teamwork.

The connection I formed with my colleagues made the working environment supportive and encouraging. I felt comfortable reaching out to them for help or advice, and they were always approachable and ready to lend a hand.

Learning from experienced individuals not only boosted my technical proficiency but also instilled in me a deeper appreciation for collaboration and the power of shared knowledge.

3. Did you receive any feedback during your internship? How did you handle any criticism and feedback?

Yes, during my internship, I received feedback from my colleagues. It was an essential part of the experience and it helped me understand how I was doing and what I could improve.

As I already had a growth mindset I knew that receiving feedbacks was a powerful tool for personal and professional development and that accepting them with humility and a willingness to learn could lead to significant improvements.

By integrating feedback into my work process, I noticed steady progress and growth throughout the internship. The supportive nature of the team allowed me to feel comfortable seeking guidance and sharing my progress with them.

Tasks and Projects

1. Did you gain any new skills or knowledge during your internship? If so, which ones?

During my internship at Harmoney, I deepened my understanding of frontend development using Angular, TypeScript, RxJS’ library and Tailwind. Additionally, I honed my skills in Git and GitHub.

Throughout the internship, I also familiarized myself with agile development methodologies and participated in pair programming sessions and code reviews, which improved my ability to work collaboratively in a team and adhere to coding standards.

I not only acquired valuable technical skills but also experienced personal growth. I learned how to manage my time eciently and stay organized amidst challenging tasks. The experience of working on real-world projects boosted my self-discipline and adaptability, as I had to quickly learn new technologies.

Being exposed to a diverse and multicultural team at Harmoney, I gained a deeper appreciation for cultural dierences and the value of inclusivity.

I also learned the significance of continuous learning and staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

Overall, my internship at Harmoney not only enriched my technical skills but also empowered me with valuable life lessons and a growth mindset that I will carry forward in my personal and professional journey.

Collaboration and Company/Organization

1. How was the collaboration with your colleagues and the team you worked in?

My collaboration with colleagues and the team at Harmoney was truly rewarding and supportive. From the very beginning, I was warmly welcomed into the team. The team members were approachable, open to questions, and eager to share their knowledge and insights.

Harmoney’s collaborative atmosphere encouraged me to actively contribute ideas, seek assistance when needed, and also offer help to my teammates.

This environment not only contributed to the quality of the solutions we developed but also expanded my own understanding and adaptability.

I found the mentoring culture at Harmoney particularly valuable. More experienced team members patiently guided me through complex tasks, helping me improve my coding practices and understanding of software development principles. This nurturing environment allowed me to learn and grow at an accelerated pace.

In conclusion, the collaboration with my colleagues and the team was positive and it made my internship experience truly exceptional.