How to involve your client into compliance

How to involve your client into compliance

How to involve your client into compliance

Posted on 16/09/2019

At the start of the client relationship, one of the most important steps is to identify and verify your client’s identity. Regulation asks for a valid proof of ID. First checks are easy to conduct as we have sources to consult like Identifin and Checkdoc. But one thing is for sure: the expiration date of the document will become more important as the client relationship continues. Luckily we can install automated notifications when a proof of identity is expired, but how can we easily obtain the new valid copy of the proof of ID?

Your client is the centre

It all starts with convenience, nothing so annoying when you receive a message with the invitation to send a copy of your valid proof of ID by post. You need a printed scan, maybe an envelope and a stamp … and mustn’t forget to drop it in the post box. Or you need to pass by the branch, during office hours.

But what if you would receive a QR code or weblink, directly leading to an Identity Tool that allows you to upload the picture or scan of your proof of ID? And not to mention that it is also mobile friendly, so anywhere, anytime? This easy to use and time saving functionality will cater for a pleasant client experience and a high response rate!

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology caters for your compliance update. All needed data will be automatically stored in your correct compliance dossier: identity, ID card number, expiry date, including the copy of the proof of ID. Your KYC update is documented, audit trail included. Watch how the Harmoney Identity module works here!

By actively involving your client onto your compliance platform, you can focus again on your business and leave your paperwork to technology. Harmoney provides this technology!