Get the clearest-possible customer overviews

As a customer data hub, the Harmoney platform aggregates data from third-party providers and orchestrates connections with other point solutions via a single REST API gateway.

In doing so, your financial services firm gains a central, 360-degree customer overview, real-time data insights and structural improvements in the flow, efficiency and digitalization of compliance policy and processes.

The Harmoney
‘single source of truth’


One platform, complete data

Automatically pull data from multiple different internal and external sources, homogenize it and keep it up to date.


Digital document processing

Users digitally sign and submit documents and update their Financial Passports, and the system cross-checks changes against the lists and databases of your choice.


Ecosystem-wide advantages

Implement the solution within your organization – or make Financial Passports available to partners and peers.

Automated data pulls from trusted sources

IDCheck – customer identification
Itsme – customer identification & authentication
BeID – customer identification & authentication
iDIN (Connective) – customer identification & authentication
LuxTrust – customer identification & authentication
Bureau van Dijk – corporate identification/UBO
Dun & Bradstreet – corporate identification/UBO
Graydon – corporate identification/UBO

Introducing the Financial Passport®

The missing link between every financial services stakeholder. The Harmoney Financial Passport® is a secure, continuously updated, centralized customer vault, paving the way for scalability, automated digital onboarding, compliance and due diligence workflows and rich customer interactions – all via a single platform.

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