All professionals with regulated KYC requirements can benefit from the Harmoney platform. We ensure frictionless workflows in a client-centric way. Your new client is well serviced with no paper work, face-to-face or remotely.

Insurance company

As insurer you need to rely on trustworthy KYC information. On top of that, The Insurance Distribution Directive specifies that all insurance product information should be given before a client signs the contract. Harmoney is especially designed to avoid any outdated or missing document in the advice flow. As insurer you can rely on Harmoney for your sales channels, including working with independent brokers. And your compliance officer will be delighted with the automated AML checks and reporting.

Private banking / Wealth management

The KYC, AML and MiFID II regulations often result in a cumbersome process of long questionnaires and paper work. Due to this massive collection of data, you have to invest time in administration instead of building a loyal client relationship. Harmoney assists you with a digital workflow to guide you through the onboarding and investment profiling. The platform is designed to deliver a flawless KYC dossier, without any information missing. Even complex family holdings or trusts are fully identified, including all mandates. But the best thing: updating client information due to a regulatory review has become a walk in the park.

Corporate banking

All corporate onboarding needs to comply with very strict KYC and AML regulations. You can rely on Harmoney to perform a thorough Client Due Diligence. The uniqueness of this onboarding and compliance platform lies in the fact that the 3 stakeholders are combined on the same platform, each with their own access and workstreams. The end-to-end platform can be fully customised and is composed of different modules. We implement your compliance procedures. The built-in workflows are designed to comply with the relevant regulations, including MiFID II if your corporate client wants to invest.
We help you with the paper work to give you more time building that client’s loyal relationship, resulting in a higher share of wallet and more client’s delight!

Financial leasing

All professionals who need to comply with the KYC regulation can benefit from Harmoney. The platform is fully customisable to your compliance needs and can be seamlessly integrated into your system. Your procedures will be incorporated, and we guarantee a seamless onboarding flow, accessible remotely or assisted by a front-office colleague. We also provide proof of identity, automated UBO checks and updates and the legally binding eSignature for remote contracting.

Financial intermediary / Broker

You want to dedicate your full attention to your client and advise him or her on the best solution for his or her needs. Doesn’t it sound great if Harmoney can free up time with your client by minimizing your administration? And if any information is missing, your client is able to remotely upload the missing information to the Harmoney platform. Updating a client’s information is a piece of cake now!

Investor / End client

A good overview of your financial situation generates better insights and results, and better decisions for your money. By building your financial passport, you will be spared the hassle of countless questionnaires. To facilitate the overview of your financial situation, you can simply log in to your home banking applications on Harmoney and with one mouse-click you can aggregate your full financial situation, even your pension reserves. In other words, Harmoney helps you to achieve your financial goals with actionable insights thanks to the financial planning tool. Harmoney makes your financial life easier.

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