Our solutions

You can trust Harmoney to find the right solutions for your compliance. Our domain expertise includes the translation of your compliance procedures into a full automated digital workstream or the remediation from outdated to compliant data.

Remote onboardings

We can seamlessly integrate our end-to-end compliance platform into your onboarding interface and CRM system. Each data point is stored in its final database, no data rework is needed.

Automated compliance processes

Not only your primary AML screening, but also the reviews, can be fully automated to ensure the level of risk is automatically calculated. Based on a larger set of data points, we ensure less false positives, which translates into less manual interventions.

The Financial Passport

The onboarding of corporate clients is an administrative burden due to the massive collection of data points. Once this process is concluded, this ‘financial passport’ can be easily reused in all your different departments and branches.

Remediation projects

Rectifying and updating client data are very time consuming. Certainly, if this requires a face-to-face meeting or documents being sent back and forth by post. We facilitate the remote uploading of the needed data and documents. The data are updated in real-time and stored in the database, including the audit trail of the remediation.

Digital onboarding

If your client wants to start investing, the full client due diligence also comprises the Mifid II investment profiling, resulting in long questionnaires. We deliver a frictionless user-friendly digital onboarding flow without hurdles.

Our platform modules

We propose modules in an end-to-end solution, serving all 3 stakeholders on the same platform: the client, the front- and back-office. Each with own access and workflows, but all with one goal in mind: no more paper work!

Identification & authentication

We are able to identify private and corporate clients, even complex trusts and family holdings.
Our intelligent data structure prevents the duplication of data. We have integrations with the main data providers to capture qualitative identification data.

UBO registration

Identify all ultimate beneficial owners and mandates, even of complex corporates. Automated integrations with data providers are possible, which means manual inputs or checks are no longer needed.

AML (incl. PEP)

We support your Risk Based Approach, integrate automated checks with high risk countries blacklists and watchlist screenings, including adverse media. We can also integrate your own watchlists to screen, ensure your ongoing monitoring and evaluate your AML risk exposure.

Mifid & IDD

Obtain all required information about Knowledge and Experience in relation to the offered service and product universe. Build the financial situation and obtain insights in the client’s investment horizon and objectives. All tailor-made to your suitability assessment, including the needed consistency checks.


Comply with the eIDAS regulation and integrate the needed legally-binding digital signature. All signed documents are sealed and stored as a durable medium, archived and date stamped. You can consult the audit trail of the document.

Wealth aggregator

Gain better insights into the financial situation. With the client’s permission, you can aggregate all accounts and portfolios held at other institutions. Even pension reserves can be integrated with one simple click. This information can be used to build investment scenarios using the financial planner.

Workflow management

Streamline your onboarding and compliance business goals thanks to the integration of the tasks and processes. Collaboration between your front- and back-office is flawless and no more information will be missing. All interventions will be tracked in the audit trail.

Document management

Upload all needed documents and share the latest version with your clients. All parties will have access to the correct legal documents and clients can share information with you. You are always up-to-date.


You have your chronological record of all information, data, time and interventions at hand. Speed up your audit process and build your reporting to the supervisors. The reports are fully customizable according to your needs.


Remain up-to-date with ongoing regulatory changes. We monitor these for you and make sure the Harmoney platform stays compliant. We are in close contact with the regulators. Use our business knowledge to integrate the platform with your specific needs and processes. We don’t only share our technology, we also offer our onboarding, compliance and wealth expertise, including customer journey learnings gathered over the last years.


Support on all issues is guaranteed. A dedicated service desk is at your disposal. Business continuity is key for us. We provide live or webinar training to ensure you fully understand all the platform’s functionalities to ensure 100% compliancy and the most efficient workflows for your processes.

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