Digital remediation and continuous compliance

By securely digitalizing and automating the traditionally paper-based remediation process, the next-generation Harmoney platform brings banks and financial institutions unparalleled risk management capabilities, higher efficiency and accelerated time to market.

360-degree customer overview

  • Provides clear overviews of workflows, ownership structures and UBOs
  • Performs real-time, automated risk grading on all stakeholders
  • Offers multiple real-time CDD/AML screenings for individuals and corporate customers
  • Creates a complete, detailed audit trail

Fully digital orchestration of user, front office and back office interactions

  • Customers intuitively view process steps and fulfil information requirements via a single portal
  • Relationship managers get a clear overview of workflows, complex ownership structures and UBOs
  • Compliance professionals benefit from automated compliance reviews and digital approval capabilities

Exceptional user experiences

  • Frictionless, easy to use and intuitive
  • Higher customer response rates
  • Greater efficiency for your front and back office teams

Remediate once, compliant forever

  • Continuously updates workflows to align with the latest regulatory requirements, anywhere in the world
  • Automatically triggers follow-up requests for information
  • Fully configurable to your institution’s needs

Harmoney’s digital remediation process

Phase 1: defining the gaps to be remediated

Harmoney assesses the regulatory coverage of the current process and identifies what needs to be remediated, defines an outreach strategy and maps out the remediation workflow.

Phase 2: migration and configuration

Existing customer data is uploaded into the platform. Our team configures workflows, screenings, customer due diligence checks, and required documents and data by customer type (individual vs. corporate).

Phase 3: data enrichment

The platform automatically augments the customer data with information provided by trusted data sources and by reaching out to customers via the channel of their choice (QR code, e-mail, SMS).


Enrichment is driven by optical character recognition (OCR) and AI technologies. Documents are digitally verified and validated, and customer declarations are digitally signed by recognized eSignature solutions.

Phase 4: remediation KPIs

Harmoney offers monitoring and reporting dashboards during the remediation process, automated risk grading, a complete audit trail and secure, fully digital interactions between the compliance team, relationship managers and end customers.

Phase 5: post-remediation

Smoothly transition from remediation to ongoing customer due diligence and streamline the offboarding of recalcitrant customers.

Get started rapidly in 3 steps


Upload your customer data (Excel, CSV, …)


Choose your trusted data sources for automated data enrichment


Start the remediation process in as little as 1 week after customer data upload

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