At Harmoney we have developed an enterprise compliance platform, helping our customers implement their strategy compliance roadmap.

Excel in Compliance Efficiency, with real-time insights

Become agile towards regulatory, business and product changes

Centralize compliance policies and enforcement during full customer lifecycle

Compliance as a future-proof enterprise service

At the core of Harmoney’s platform, three services are co-operating in harmony. Each with a clear responsibility:
Compliance Engine
The compliance engine enables the management and enforcement of your custom compliance policies and scenarios. It uses fully customisable pre-formatted risk models, AML screening strategies, KYC/UBO scenarios, etc.
Business Process Engine
The business process engine drives each little step in the complete compliance workflow process. Depending on the channel, product or custom criteria, it can orchestrate a 100% automated, fast-lane process (RPA).
Data Aggregator
The data aggregator allows us to merge the data of 3rd party data providers (KYC, UBO, AML) and use it to augment the 360° compliance view on your customer.

Operate cross-border and cross-jurisdiction

Deliver remote onboarding to all client types

Shorten onboarding with digital financial passports

Key features

Embedded Human expert knowledge
In all our processes, Harmoney’s Compliance Domain model drives unparalleled intelligence. By embedding the human compliance knowledge in the core, Harmoney delivers human-like intelligence and re-use of data that goes beyond the typical recipe of robotic business process automation (RPA).
Deep Monitoring and Auditing
Gain deep insights in the efficiency of your onboarding and compliance processes. Identify bottlenecks in front-office, back-office or remote customer interactions. For each compliance step, detailed audit trails are recorded and available to authorized compliance teams.
Open, pluggable architecture
The Harmoney platform features an API Gateway that provides a REST interface to unlock the complete functionality, either to connect your own frontend applications or to speed up integrations with legacy systems.
Security by design
The Harmoney Compliance Platform is built on top of globally deployed, secure software technologies. Our software complies with the GDPR regulation on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of the personal data of users, and the processing of data of partnering financial service providers.

At the edge of innovation

At Harmoney, we follow the trends and hypes in the FinTech and RegTech ecosystems. Many buzzwords such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are currently spread around. We see it as one of our key roles to demystify. We inform our client which available and upcoming technologies are “must-haves” and “promising”. But also, which technology has not yet matured. Additionally, some of the hyped technology terms are just a new way of packaging existing technology. Come and talk to us and learn how our innovation roadmap is structured.

Technology to deliver business value

Harmoney’s technology helps you to answer the following key business questions:
• How to monitor the operational efficiency of your compliance processes?
• Which steps of the process are repeatedly causing delays in onboarding?
• How to monitor compliance risks?
• How to ensure that large teams all act in the same consistent way if a higher risk is encountered?
• How to adapt compliance rules without the need for IT every time?
• How to automate a complete workflow?
• How to connect with your existing web-based onboarding & simulation?
• How to automate compliance reporting?
• How to evolve from (bi)yearly reports to real-time dashboards?

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