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Harmoney offers an end-to-end digital solution to automate financial compliance, reduce workloads, and deliver high-quality data, assuring complete adherence to every regulation, and in every jurisdiction. Our powerful compliance engine means that your team can manage and enforce financial compliance policies and scenarios using customizable, pre-formatted risk models, AML screening strategies, KYC services, UBO scenarios, and more. Built on existing modules and expertise, it's easy to integrate and hyper-fast to implement.

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Our solutions

Client Lifecycle Management

Harmoney’s next-generation solutions platform offers fully digital, always up-to-date, end-to-end customer due diligence, resulting in operational efficiency, faster client onboarding, and cost reduction.

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Digital onboarding

Harmoney saves your relationship managers and compliance teams precious time and resources and lifts the heavy administrative burdens of your customers.

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KYC remediation

Harmoney provides a seamless, user-friendly, and efficient connected KYC procedure (KYC verification, KYC requirements, and KYC analysis) – increasing each customer’s lifetime value.

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The Harmoney platform is unique in its modularity. It combines an open architecture with the latest proven technologies, such as AI. Harmoney can then help users with a whole raft of functionality, including automated data enrichment, frictionless client outreach, digital signatures, automated and perpetual AML screening, configurable risk scoring, and ID verification. Each module can be used on its own or combined with others, so you can grow as you go. For the complete Harmoney experience and to benefit from all the advantages the platform has to offer, we do recommend using all the modules together.


Identification and validation


Automated data and document enrichment


UBO verification and confirmation


Document validation and fraud detection


Digital signing


AML, PEP, sanction, embargo and adverse media screening


Comprehensive risk scoring engine


Case management and continuous risk monitoring


Transaction monitoring


Mifid, IDD, and ESG profiling for investments and insurance


Client outreach


Reporting and analytics

The solution bundles

Simplify financial compliance with our ready-made bundled solutions: Counterparty Risk Management, Contract Risk Management, KYC/KYB, and End-to-End Compliance. Effortlessly screen individuals and entities against watchlists, assess hits, and manage history. Capture documents, perform automated screenings, and ensure a "first time right" experience. Streamline your financial compliance journey today.

Counterparty Risk Management

The Counterparty Risk Management Bundle enables organizations to efficiently screen individuals and entities against global watchlists for sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media. It automatically generates reports when a match is found, helping assess if further investigations are needed to confirm the risk. Additionally, the bundle provides a time-stamped audit trail to effectively manage screening history.

Contract Risk management

The Contract Risk Management bundle manages a higher degree of complexity than the Counterparty Risk Management bundle as this bundle allows to define a risk scoring based on a screening which is performed on all parties (private individuals or legal entities) related to a counterparty: the client or supplier, the related companies, UBO’s, contract beneficiaries,… all parties you deem fit to be part of the KYC/AML risk management. Once onboarded, periodic rescreening and reviews can be performed by your compliance team.


Harmoney's KYC/KYB bundle is designed to provide a smooth and efficient onboarding and reboarding process for both private individuals and complex legal entities. This bundle includes capturing ID documents and personal info, standard KYC/KYB questionnaires, company related documents, UBO identification and verification and PEP-questionnaires. Completeness checks provide a high percentage of first time right, avoiding inefficient back-and-forth communications.

End-to-end compliance

This solution is a readily available, all-encompassing bundle to provide your organization with end-to-end financial compliance. Via the secure platform, relevant documents and datapoints from private individuals and legal entities can be captured. These include ID documents, proof of address, deed of Incorporation, identification of the UBO’s, PEP questionnaires….

Importantly, completeness checks provide a ‘first time right’ experience for both counterparties and employees.

Once all data and documents have been captured, an automated screening (AML, PEP and Adverse Media) on all parties related to a contract or file is performed allowing to instantly calculate the level of risk.

Our partners

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