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Harmoney is your trusted partner in end-to-end due diligence

We provide a next-generation, cross-border digital platform that automates and streamlines complex onboarding and end-to-end continuous compliance.

By establishing and maintaining a high-quality, centralized Financial Passport for each of your individual and corporate customers, Harmoney remotely orchestrates every interaction between your relationship management team, your compliance team and platform end users.

Support your compliance team, reduce risk

  • Enable comprehensive, real-time control over continued compliance processes, including detailed audit trails
  • Relieve administrative workloads and shorten workflows
  • Automate implementation and enforcement of changing regulations
  • Unlock holistic end-to-end KYC that supports the sales process

Empowers your sales team, enhances revenue

  • Automate administrative processes
  • Free up experts to focus on building trust-based relationships and adding value
  • Offer high service levels and tailored services through rich customer insights
  • Choose between different Harmoney tools or use the platform as a one-stop integration gateway

Built from the ground up using next-gen technologies

  • Gain intelligent insights via advanced analytics and cutting-edge robotic process automation (RPA) to optimize monitoring, front-office and compliance processes
  • Secure by design and GDPR compliant
  • Rely on Harmoney’s solutions packages or integrate with third-party point solutions through a single REST API
  • Empower users to securely, remotely and digitally maintain their financial information


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