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We solve your onboarding and compliance procedures by combining a solution for the 3 stakeholders in the process: the client, the front-office and compliance interactions on one single platform. All with one goal in mind: no more paperwork!


Compliance starts with the client itself. By having his own access, he can initiate updates.


Customised client acceptance workstreams ensure the relationship manager that no KYC data are forgotten.


Seamlessly integrated automated list checks enhance client acceptance workflows.

We help you to

Reduce time
Onboard faster, efficient workflow management, case tracker
Reduce costs
Automated processes, continuous automated risk checks
Reduce risk
Remain compliant, compliance by design

Digital onboarding from A to Z

Skip all the paper work. Perform the full Know Your Customer checks and be compliant with the broad range of regulatory obligations, also for complex family holdings or company structures.

Compliance by design

Continuous compliance thanks to automated updates, screenings and monitoring is guaranteed. You only need to intervene if a real red flag is raised. You can rely on full client due diligence, with every single step registered and time stamped in the audit trail.

3 Stakeholders on same platform

By letting the 3 stakeholders, your client, front-office and compliance, work on the same platform, accuracy and efficiency are improved. Each with their own access and workstreams of course, but all interventions between the parties are recorded.

White paper download 'Ongoing client due diligence'

We are happy to share our thought leadership on compliance procedures and how technology can help you perform.


How to automate your risk-based approach
How to enhance your client friendly onboarding
How to integrate list-checkers and data providers

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