At Harmoney we make the world a better place as our solutions enable financial and other institutions to efficiently combat financial crime. Clearly, Harmoney plays a role in the important environmental, social and governance (ESG) ambitions.

Unfortunately, compliance processes often are rather cumbersome and tedious. Harmoney’s modular solution enables financial institutions and other organizations which are subject to anti-money laundering obligations to eliminate frustrations related to compliance processes, both on the end-client side and on the organization side. The digital, frictionless journeys lead to increased data quality and substantial cost savings.

In a matter of minutes, a client can update his or her personal data via the platform. This makes it a useful tool for the end-user and the institution that needs to do a client data update. The cumbersome process via postal letters or visiting to the local branch is over. The overall benefit is that the end-client is more inclined to update its data faster because it takes less time than the manual process. On top of that, the financial institution has more time to spend on added value services for its customers. Moreover, Harmoney allows for truly end-to-end digitized workflows and processes.

Our Culture

Our diverse team shares an ambitious, international dream to provide instant compliance with complete peace of mind.

We enjoy challenging each other in an open and respectful way and thrive on the intellectual challenge to continuously improve our platform by embracing new technologies and change.

The Harmoney environment of trust will empower you to take up entrepreneurial and decisive action.

If you’re ready to have fun in a hands-on, collaborative team, please contact us!

Technology stack

The state-of-the-art technologies we use allow our teams to do continuous testing during the development and production process. We use several testers (including robot testing) that take into account the impact a decision can have.

Having adopted the agile way of working, the daily-standups and the two-weekly demo's with business colleagues are of huge added value to our team. The quick feedback and updates from business allow the team to shift or adapt rapidly.

When joining Harmoney you’ll be warmly welcomed by the Harmoney team and a dedicated buddy will bring you up to speed.

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