About us

When extensive Mifid II questionnaires entered the financial services scene in 2016, it was immediately obvious that they made the onboarding process time consuming, annoying and suboptimal – for customers and relationship managers alike. There was major room for improvement.

This significant pain point led our team to develop the Harmoney platform in 2018. Since then, new functionalities and enhancements are continuously added to optimize the entire customer due diligence and lifecycle management process.


Our mission

Comprehensive customer onboardings are necessary to kick off loyal, long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships. However, strict and continuously changing regulations make customer lifecycle management expensive, time and resource intensive – as well as cumbersome for your customers.

We strive to empower your financial services business to transcend these repetitive, manual often paper-based tasks through digitalization and automation, streamlining the processes of onboarding, reboarding, offboarding and continuous customer due diligence.

Meet the

Harmoney team

Our team is composed of domain experts with years of experience in banking, insurance and compliance as well as skilled developers and delivery managers. With this dynamic combination, we effectively deliver financial sector business value through technology.

Thomas Van Maele

Co-founder / CEO

Wouter Haerick

Co-founder / CTO

Stijn Coppens

Head of Engineering

Steven Coppens

Head of Professional Services

Our advisors, investors and board of directors

Stan De Schepper

Urbain Vandeurzen

Bert Vandeurzen

Jeroen Lemaire

Pieter-Jan Bouten

Louis Jonckheere


Wouter Haerick

Co-founder / CTO

After receiving his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Ghent University Wouter started working in the telecommunication market and participated in various delivery projects at fixed and mobile operators. In 2004 he joined IBCN as a research assistant where he was involved in various European and national research project. In 2009 Wouter obtained a PhD in the field of Computer Science. In 2011 he became business developer for Ghent University (Industrial Research Fund). In this role, he has been involved at iMinds (CTO, Future Internet Technologies) and as Director Research Valorization at IMEC. Wouter is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Harmoney.