KYC remediation

KYC Remediation

As a trusted partner for your customers, your goal is to enhance every client's user-experience. The more effectively you can gain an in-depth understanding of each individual or corporate customer, the sooner you can exceed their expectations.

Harmoney seamlessly streamlines your KYC process with a user-friendly, efficient and connected approach, including KYC verification, KYC requirements and KYC analysis. These elements collectively boost your customers' lifetime value and establish a solid foundation for long-term, trust-based relationships.

With Harmoney's KYC remediation, financial institutions achieve instant compliance based on high-quality data, for complete peace of mind. Our mission as the leading KYC orchestrator is simple: to always provide the fastest and most compliant remediation on the market.

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Comprehensive KYC remediation for your business

The essence of your Know Your Customer (KYC) assignments is straightforward: verify the identities of your clients and assess their risk profiles as quickly and efficiently as possible. Comprehensive KYC (sometimes also Know Your Client) ensures that your teams have a full understanding of your end customers’ situation at all times. Always accurate, always accessible, and fully transparent: that is how we organise KYC for you with Harmoney.

Urgent KYC remediation can be a time-sensitive undertaking, driven by regulatory pushes. Becoming compliant with your entire customer database involves pulling data from various complex document and data sources. At Harmoney, we’re here to help.

Why KYC remediation matters to financial institutions

As a financial institution, your KYC remediation is entirely focused around maintaining up-to-date customer records. This way, you can better trace key factors, such as customers’ source of funds, business activities, and transactions.

The regulatory framework for your KYC procedures and verification is becoming stricter every year. Smart, and swift KYC remediation not only helps you to keep an accurate risk score of every client in your portfolio, but it also helps you to cover yourself towards the regulatory authorities and avoid sanctions.

Fix your KYC remediation issues

While your bank or broker is unique, there are a number of common recurring challenges they face when it comes to KYC remediation. Three key issues the Harmoney platform addresses:

Data complexity

Finding the relevant information for your vetting and remediation is a never-ending challenge. This is why up-to-date and reliable data sources are crucial. With Harmoney, you easily integrate with new and existing sources to enrich the data in a fully automated manner. Additionally, for missing data that is not available in internal or external databases, Harmoney supports to reach out directly to the agent or end-customer. Via the web platform, using a laptop, smartphone or tablet, any stakeholder can update their data instantly.

Regulatory changes and cross-border KYC compliance

Keeping up with changes in the regulatory landscape can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for organisations who operate internationally under different jurisdictions. Making sure your KYC procedures align with the latest requirements is a common challenge across financial institutions. Harmoney helps you to be in control and fully compliant, no matter where you operate. Any process implemented within the Harmoney platform can be fully customized at any time to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

Technology Integration

Implementing and maintaining a unified and efficient technology stack is crucial for effective KYC remediation. Adding to the complexity is the need for a smooth user experience, both for your KYC compliance teams and your end clients. Harmoney is open to any existing platform through APIs and custom integrations.

Why use Harmoney?

Full flexibility on data enrichment

Harmoney employs data enrichment using both internal and external databases, including Bureau van Dijk, Creditsafe and Dun & Bradstreet.

Fastest time to market

Remediation actions can be put in place in a matter of weeks, as the platform builds on existing modules and expertise.

Fully configurable workflow

We define the ideal remediation workflow depending on your needs, using our configurable modules. Smart use of existing modules allows for fast implementation.

Multichannel approach

Harmoney enhances the interaction between relationship managers and end clients, supporting every channel of communication, in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

We chose Harmoney because of their focus, availability and efficiency. They told us that they could solve our problem within three months, and we were surprised to see they could meet the deadline.
Benjamin Gérard Secretary General at ALD Belgium
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5-step KYC remediation process

Harmoney’s compliance orchestration platform not only addresses typical user experience and security challenges of your remediation process, but also automates the alignment of workflows with rules and regulations, pulling additional data from reliable sources. Behind the scenes, our KYC remediation process unfolds in five stages.

Step 1: Identifying remediation needs

Our team assesses the regulatory coverage of your processes and identifies areas that need remediation, followed by an outreach strategy and remediation workflow.

Step 2: Migration and configuration

Existing customer data is uploaded into the platform. Our team configures your workflows, screenings, customer due diligence checks, and required documents and data by customer type (individual vs. corporate).

Step 3: Data enrichment

The Harmoney platform automatically augments your customer data with information provided by reliable external data sources and by reaching out to customers via the channel of their choice. AI-assisted technology helps with liveness checks and other verification processes.

Step 4: Remediation KPIs

Harmoney offers monitoring and reporting dashboards during the remediation process, next to automated risk grading, a complete audit trail and secure, fully digital interactions between your compliance team, relationship managers and end customers.

Step 5: Post-remediation

Smoothly transition from remediation to ongoing customer due diligence and streamline the offboarding of unwanted customers.