Client lifecycle management

Client Lifecycle Management

The end-to-end process of onboarding, assessing, and continuously monitoring a potential customer is labour-intensive, simply because of the volume of data needed to vouch for each one. But gathering, organizing, centralizing, and acting on this data doesn’t have to be a constant, paper-heavy process that's tiresome for customers and employees alike.

Harmoney’s next-generation solutions platform offers fully digital, always up-to-date, end-to-end customer due diligence – without putting any roadblocks in the way of the customer journey. Operational efficiency, faster client onboarding, and cost savings are no longer just out of reach. Our intelligent and omnichannel approach allows you to reach 100% of the audience, even if that means we occasionally have to rely on paper communication to get to hard-to-reach clients.

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Key benefits

User-friendly digital platform

A centralised, user-friendly digital platform with a customer-facing portal reduces paperwork for the front office, compliance team, and the customer.

Digital document signing

Save time and boost convenience for your teams and customers with digital forms, signing, updating, and archiving.

Automated compliance

The platform automatically prompts customers to update their information and caters for continuous AML risk screening.

Comprehensive customer overview

Pull in KYC and CDD information via external data sources or optical character recognition (OCR) technology for complete, error-free customer data.

Rapid insights

Facilitate and power the onboarding process, gaining deep insight into every customer to manage risk effectively.

Complete audit trail

Implement a case management system with both the front office and compliance teams consulting the same data.

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