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"Empower your team with Harmoney - The unified platform for agile workflows."


Because the Harmoney platform is a concept built with the end customer in mind, it's probably the only solution on the market with a truly end-to-end perspective: from end customers to the compliance team and the organisation's core systems.

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The Harmoney platform is unique in its modularity. It combines an open architecture with the latest proven technologies, such as AI. Harmoney can then help users with a whole raft of functionality, including automated data enrichment, frictionless client outreach, digital signatures, automated and perpetual AML screening, configurable risk scoring, and ID verification.

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Solution bundles

If you’re looking for a ready-made compliance risk management solution, we have designed 4 off-the-shelf bundled solutions which can cater for a variety of AML/KYC needs and could be available to you as of tomorrow.

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Harmoney is an open architecture platform that provides one single API Gateway for all your compliance needs. Connecting via the API, the digitally collected data relating to your end customers can be perpetually screened, scored based on your risk matrix, and updated in your organisation’s relevant systems in seconds. All while avoiding inefficiencies and copy-paste.

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