Digital onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Banking and insurance customers increasingly expect their financial services partners to deliver a wide range of online services and frictionless processes. By digitalising the customer onboarding process, Harmoney saves your relationship managers and compliance teams precious time and resources and lifts the heavy administrative burden on your customers.

Digital onboarding with Harmoney means instant compliance based on high quality data, for complete peace of mind. The results speak for themselves: high response rates, smooth interactions, complete data, and longstanding high-value customer relationships. If that doesn’t demonstrate that we offer the fastest and most compliant (digital) onboarding on the market today, we don’t know what would!

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Key benefits

Smooth processes and interactions

A centralised, user-friendly digital (remote) onboarding platform with an intuitive customer-facing portal reduces paperwork for every stakeholder.

Digital document signing

Save time and boost convenience for compliance teams and customers with digital signing, updating, and archiving.

Avoid repetitive actions

The customer enters identification information only once – avoiding confusion, inefficiency, and needlessly repeated steps.

Comprehensive customer overviews

Pull in KYC information via external data sources or optical character recognition (OCR) technology for complete error-free customer data.

Faster tailored services

Speed up the onboarding process while gaining deep insight into every customer as a basis for customised service offerings

Harmoney is a strategic partner within our onboarding process. Every insurance company needs to be compliant. We are convinced that with Harmoney we have a partner by our side who makes the job easier.
Sven Bocken Product Manager Life Insurance at Baloise Belgium
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