Frictionless onboarding through stellar user experiences

User experience is becoming more important than ever in the digital era – and that includes the financial industry. But even today, financial services customers continue to struggle with outdated technology, paperwork-heavy administration and complexity caused by the disconnected tools and systems that the front- and back-office teams use.

Thanks to IT advancements, faster networks and new innovations, consumers have apps at their fingertips that they use to handle a multitude of daily tasks seamlessly, digitally and almost instantaneously. Increasingly, they demand this level of service from their financial partners.

Financial Passport

The Harmoney platform digitalizes all front- and back-office processes while offering a frictionless user experience to end users. Banking and insurance customers can manage their own information via a portal that they can access from almost any channel. Even more, Harmoney automates onboarding and regulatory workflows, prompting customers to keep their data up to date without human intervention. The result: accelerated processes, more complete data and lighter administrative burdens for all stakeholders.

Harmoney maintains a centralized Financial Passport for each individual and corporate customer that serves as a “single source of truth” for front-, mid- and back-office personnel that is automatically augmented using data from trusted sources.

Empowered customers

  1. Secure, next-generation technologies support intuitive self-service functionalities
  2. Via an easy-to-use portal, customers manage their own personal information, financial plans, accounts and interactions
  3. Fully digital interactions, including identity document verification and digital signing, reduce information update processes to mere minutes

Frictionless user experiences

  1. Simple, hassle-free workflows lead to higher rates of response to information requests and more complete, accurate financial passports
  2. Exceptional user experiences delight banking and insurance customers and form the foundation for robust, long-term relationships

Remarkable efficiency

  1. Relationship managers and compliance professionals rely on the same data and tools, streamlining processes and intra-departmental interactions
  2. Automated data capture and verification eliminates duplicated work and reduces the chance of human error
  3. Digital onboarding and ongoing compliance steps advance quickly and smoothly, with all stakeholders kept in the loop – for faster times to market