Unparalleled automation, control and oversight of compliance workflows and processes

As a compliance professional in the financial sector, your ultimate goal is to accurately assess and manage risks related to money laundering and terrorist financing posed by individual and corporate customers. Vigilance is quintessential: a single slip can mean grave consequences for your bank or financial services firm. With regulations growing in complexity, staying vigilant and compliant takes increasing amounts of time, expertise, effort and resources. When risk management becomes more complex, the burden of compliance on your institution’s sales team can lead to lost revenue and missed opportunities.

In other words: when it comes to compliance, it’s hard to win – and easy to lose.

Financial Passport

By automating end-to-end KYC processes and workflows, Harmoney enables you to meet dynamic ongoing compliance requirements and comprehensively manage risk without impeding customer relationship management.

Harmoney maintains a centralized Financial Passport for each individual and corporate customer, ensuring complete, up-to-date information.

Unprecedented oversight

  1. Gain comprehensive, real-time control over continued compliance processes via the platform’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  2. Rely on real-time, automated risk grading of each customer and its stakeholders
  3. Perform multiple CDD/AML screenings in real time for both individual and corporate customers

Optimized workflows

  1. Reduce administrative workloads and easily optimize compliance workflows
  2. Save time and resources by increasing the efficiency of compliance processes
  3. Easily configure workflows to fit your organization’s needs and processes
  4. Choose between different Harmoney tools or use the platform as a one-stop integration gateway

Continuously aligned and updated

  1. The Harmoney platform automatically incorporates the most up-to-date regulatory requirements for all applicable jurisdictions and modifies workflows accordingly
  2. Financial Passport information is digitally managed, augmented with trustworthy public data sources and maintained by both front-office personnel and customers themselves