Customer due diligence

The end-to-end process of onboarding, assessing and continuously monitoring a potential customer is labor intensive, simply because of the volume of data needed to vouch for the customer. But gathering, organizing, centralizing and acting on this data doesn’t have to be a painful, months-long, paper-heavy process that is tiresome for customers and employees alike. Harmoney’s next-generation platform of solutions offers fully digital, always up-to-date, end-to-end customer due diligence – without putting any roadblocks in the customer journey.

End-to-end, accurate, up-to-the-minute CDD


Less paper, smoother processes

A centralized, user-friendly digital platform with a customer-facing portal reduces paperwork for the front office, compliance team and customer.


Digital document signing

Save time and boost convenience for back-office teams and customers alike with digital forms, signing, updating and archiving.


Automated compliance

The platform incorporates the latest regulations into your workflows and automatically prompts customers to update their information.


Comprehensive customer overviews

Pull in KYC and CDD information via external data sources or optical character recognition technology (OCR), for complete, error free customer data.


Deep insights faster

Facilitate and empower the onboarding process while gaining the deep insights into each customer that you need for effective risk management.

Introducing the Financial Passport®

The missing link between every financial services stakeholder. The Harmoney Financial Passport® is a secure, continuously updated, centralized customer vault, paving the way for scalability, automated digital onboarding, compliance and due diligence workflows and rich customer interactions – all via a single platform.

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How well do you truly know your customers?

Review the basics of KYC, end-to-end due diligence and ongoing compliance, and explore the power of automation, digitalization and centralization to transform these processes in our e-book, ‘The basics of end-to-end customer due diligence’.