Automated, digital KYC workflows for rich customer insights

Building strong relationships with corporate and individual customers is essential for the continuing success of your banking institution or financial services firm. However, digital-age evolutions bring new challenges: a power shift from banker to client, growing administrative workloads, heavier compliance burdens and a jungle of disjointed, often outdated digital tools.

In the face of these obstacles, there is little time left for customer relationship managers to meet their targets, compete with online banking app service levels and upsell tailored, high-gain products to customers.

Rich customer insights

  1. View and add to comprehensive customer profiles via the platform’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  2. Rely on automated capture of trustworthy public information and corporate documents from registers and recognized independent third parties (RITPs)

Maximum efficiency

  1. Significantly reduce administrative workloads and repetitive manual tasks
  2. Rely on a single tool for every customer relationship management activity
  3. Easily configure end-to-end CDD workflows to fit your organization’s needs and processes
  4. Choose between different Harmoney tools or use the platform as a one-stop integration gateway

Greater focus on value-adding activities

  1. Less administration means higher dedication to customer relationships, supported by next-generation IT technology
  2. Recapture revenue margins on smaller retail customers
  3. Offer products and services tailored to fit each customer’s needs, preferences and business activities
  4. Generate a 360-degree view of your customer’s lifecycle value and risk