Orchestrate end-to-end KYC and CDD processes via a single platform

When it comes to ensuring complete, accurate KYC and ongoing customer due diligence, keeping all stakeholders aligned is no simple task. Massive volumes of data and multiple verifications and approvals add complexity at each step, slowing the process to a crawl and potentially even damaging customer relationships.

Plenty of industries are already being transformed by the combination of cloud computing, secure digital tools, automation and machine learning. The finance industry is poised to reap the benefits as well. Strike the ideal balance between comprehensive compliance processes, rapid service and excellent user experiences via a next-generation cloud-based platform.

Financial Passport

The Harmoney platform digitalizes all KYC and compliance processes and automates front- and back-office workflows while offering a frictionless user experience to end users. To achieve this, Harmoney maintains a centralized, continuously updated Financial Passport for each individual and corporate customer that serves as a “single source of truth” for relationship managers, compliance experts and customers. The platform was built from the ground up using a state-of-the-art technology stack and brings structure and transparency to your financial firm’s end-to-end KYC and ongoing compliance processes.

Remarkable efficiency gains for all stakeholders

  1. Simplifies and centralizes customer information as well as the tools and software your front- and back-office teams use every day, for smooth intra-departmental interactions
  2. Users can count on rapid connectivity, intuitive interfaces and automated workflows tailored to their roles
  3. Financial Passport information is digitally managed, automatically augmented with external data from trusted sources, and maintained by front-office personnel and customers

Configurable, automated workflows

  1. Reduce front office administrative workloads and easily customize workflows to fit your organization’s needs and processes
  2. Automated data capture and verification eliminates duplicated work and reduces the chance of human error
  3. Automatically incorporates the latest regulatory requirements into workflows and triggers information requests

Focus on adding business value

  1. Less administration means greater dedication to customer relationships, supported by next-generation IT technology
  2. Maintain the highest compliance standards without negative impacts on user experiences
  3. Automated processes and updates enable you to take a proactive approach to risk management, reducing the chance of noncompliance and fines