Revolutionise your compliance processes with omnichannel document capturing.

Document capturing

Today’s regulatory landscape calls for efficient compliance processes. In turn, full compliance demands document handling that is both efficient and secure. That’s where omnichannel document capturing comes into play: a game-changing approach to the way financial institutions manage their compliance. Working seamlessly with our integrated Harmoney platform, omnichannel capturing of documents streamlines document submissions coming in through different sources – ensuring compliance without compromise.

Versatility at the core: different submission channels

The key innovation principle behind omnichannel document capturing lies in the versatility it offers. Manual submissions are cumbersome, take up a lot of resources and are error-prone. Using an integrated approach, your front office, back office and end clients, can effortlessly submit their documents the way they see fit. These include:

  • Taking smartphone pictures of printed documents or physical credentials (including ID cards) and uploading them directly.
  • Dragging and dropping files from devices or internal repositories.
  • Using dedicated document scanners to forward information.

The native omnichannel approach of our Harmoney platform caters to a wide range of flow scenarios and user preferences.

Safeguarding document integrity through automated verification and authentication

Using Harmoney, document capturing doesn’t stop with straightforward and transparent document submission flows. As documents are uploaded, the software kicks into action, verifying and authenticating each submission automatically. Next to classic verification of existence, it also checks for document authenticity, flagging any discrepancies or irregularities.

Comprehensive risk assessment for next-level document capturing

Authenticity verification is only the first step of intelligent automated document assessment. The Harmoney software is also capable of scanning their content and evaluating the associated risks they pose to financial institutions. Using advanced risk analysis techniques, documents are cross-references against blacklists or other predefined criteria, enabling proactive risk management. Our document capturing functionality not only ensures compliance; it also mitigates risks associated with fraudulent documents.

Empowering teams with front-office and self-service portal integration

Our comprehensive approach extends to both front-office teams at insurance or other financial players and self-service portals for end clients. Harmoney’s integrated instant compliance checks provide teams with real-time screening capabilities, ensuring peace of mind and regulatory compliance along every step of the way.

Seamless links between the Harmoney platform and FI’s own back-office operations further drives efficiency. Entire workflows can be automated, with each step automatically triggering the next. Powered by advanced AI algorithms, this next level of automation frees up valuable resources. This allows your teams to focus on their key tasks and new strategic initiatives, while maintaining regulatory integrity.

Document capturing for future-proof regulatory compliance

Harmoney’s quintessential omnichannel document capturing feature has all the characteristics of what our compliance platform stands for: it’s instant, automated, and future-proof. It allows businesses to navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance with confidence, knowing they have a partner who is committed to their success.

The Harmoney platform streamlines your onboarding and compliance procedures, using automated screening features and AI-based risk assessments. Get in touch to find out more.