Our powerful, versatile business process engine

The Harmoney business process engine drives every single step in your complete onboarding and continuous compliance workflow.

Depending on the channel, product or any custom criteria you define, the engine is capable of orchestrating a 100%-automated, fast-lane process using robotic process automation (RPA) technology.

Driving business value
across your organization


Optimized workflows

Reduce the administrative burdens of your employees in the front and back offices, boost efficiency and easily configure workflows to suit your needs.


Unparalleled oversight

Comprehensive, real-time control over compliance processes via a transparent, intuitive, easy-to-use interface.


Deep monitoring and auditing

Gain insights into the efficiency of your onboarding and compliance processes, identify bottlenecks and provide detailed audit trails to your compliance team.


Open, pluggable architecture

Choose between Harmoney tools, connect your own front-end applications, rapidly integrate with third-party vendors – all via one REST API interface.

Introducing the Financial Passport®

The missing link between every financial services stakeholder. The Harmoney Financial Passport® is a secure, continuously updated, centralized customer vault, paving the way for scalability, automated digital onboarding, compliance and due diligence workflows and rich customer interactions – all via a single platform.

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